Toronto Based Illustrator

Youth, children and adventurous adults are my prime subject.


I'm a Toronto based illustrator with a passion for representing children, youth, and adults in environments and emotions that they experience through various stages of their life. My characters are a lot like myself because they are closely tied to personal experiences I've had, am going through or thoughts about the future.

Illustration and story telling as a creative art form has always been one of the many avenues where found myself using to express the things I couldn't possibly ever achieve on my own. When I was small I had a lot exposure to art through the paintings that hung on the wall, to the cartoon my brothers would watch every night. Although I didn't quite see myself creating at, It did help build my understanding about what art and creativity can be. 
Through my art I spend a tremendous amount of time both analyzing and producing works that I can reflect on, grow from and simply appreciate.  I find myself not only imagining and representing the world through my own lens but treasuring how my own unique experiences has shaped how I can help, assist and minister into the lives of others.